The Only Vocal Exercise You Will Ever Need

The Vocal Transformation Technique

Have you ever thought about your voice as a gift or as a superpower?

The voice is a physical vibrational wave or frequency that affects the entire world around you.

Increase your vocal capacity in speaking, singing and all the ways you use your voice. 

Let Your Spirit Be Free 

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Are You Ready To Fully Express Yourself Out In The World, Truly?!

As a professional vocalist starting at the age of five, I’ve developed many practical exercises & tools to support my voice and the voice of my students over the years. 
For the first time ever I am teaching my most effective technique for the Vocal Transformation Method here to this growing online global community. 
This technique will teach you everything you need to know to get your voice out of your head and into your body so that you can:
  • Increase your power & range.
  • Speak with confidence.
  • Learn how to have a more grounded and calm speaking voice.
  • Express yourself authentically.
  • Feel¬†effortlessly confident when speaking & singing.
  • Discover your true vocal potential.
  • Gain vocal empowerment.



Reset your nervous system by opening up the central pillar of sound in your body.

Maryn Will Teach You To:

Learn & understand the physical components of your voice.

Learn how your body is an instrument for sound.

Learn what it means to have an embodied voice & to acutaly FEEL the difference.

Vocal Transformation Technique


The Ultimate Vocal Workout

  • 28 Video lessons with Maryn.
  • Over¬†4 hours of instructional videos with Maryn.
  • 8¬†Professional sound recordings to practice your exercises with.
  • Breathing all starts with the breath
  • Discover the muscles you use and need to produce sound, and what may be constricted and holding you back.
  • Learn about the anatomy and all the muscles you use to produce sound in your body.
  • Discover the vocal resonators your¬†body uses to produce sound.
  • Learn practical tips for strengthening the muscle tone needed to support your voice.
  • Daily exercises to improve the sound of your voice, tone, resonance, and range.
  • Realign the body the way it is designed to produce sound.

Start Today 

Quickly improve your voice and self-confidence with practical daily exercises. If you adopt this technique, it will change your vocal range, how sound feels in your body, and how you express sound out in your daily life. Learn how your voice manifests the world around you.
Embody My Voice

Our voice is the primary tool for connecting who we are with the world.


This technique will teach you to fully embody your voice, connecting your voice to your central channel and the world.

What Students Are Saying About This course

"I realize even as a professional singer I was not opening my jaw, and what a difference this has made in my voice‚ÄĚ


What's Included In This Online Course...

Quickly improve your voice and self-confidence with these practical daily exercises. Learning this technique will change your vocal range, how sound feels in your body, and how you express sound out in your daily life.
Learn how an embodied voice manifests the world around. If you adopt this practice into your life, I promise you will begin to see a shift in your life you never thought was possible!

Let's Get Started

Discover your true vocal potential:
  • What the voice is & what can you do with it.
  • What is a channel anyway?
  • Learn what it means to open up receptivity for true channeling.
  • What does it mean to have range?
  • Understanding range and how to access it.
  • It all starts with the breath, and why the way we breathe matters.
This course will teach you the technique you need to open up the channel.

How The Body Is Designed To Create Sound

The body as an instrument:
  • Learn how the voice is designed to be created by the whole body.
  • Achieve proper breathing form needed to fully support your voice.
  • Learn where in the body we conduct and create the most sound to open your range.
Your voice is a superpower, it is a physical vibrational frequency that comes with your body. 

Isolation Techniques

The workout begins with practice exercises to strengthen & support the muscles of the voice. Teaching you the tools you need to create sound in the body. YOUR INSTRUMENT is YOUR BODY...and what your body plays is YOUR VOICE:
  • Intro to isolation techniques.
  • Relaxing the tongue.
  • Perinium-Root
  • Obliques-Sacral
  • Upper Rectus Abdominus-Solar Plexus
In this lesson you will learn, you will learn how each of these muscle areas contributes to the voice and how to use all the isolation techniques together.

The Technique

Here we will take all the exercises and put them together to learn the technique:
  • Connecting the voice to the central channel.
  • Building the breath.
  • Supporting the tonal change.
You will now have the ability to use this technique.

The Full Workout

Bringing it all together:
  • Ranging the body.
You’ll finish this course with a complete understanding of how your voice works and how to use it in life to manifest.

Your Voice Is Now Yours...Use It!

When you have your voice embodied, we will learn how you will be able to use it in your life:
  • How will the world respond to all of your new range, tone and vocal confidence?
Now let's get out in the world and use this technique to manifest our wildest dreams.

I'm Maryn Azoff

I am so excited to share this set of exercies with you.¬† I have been helping people awaken to the power of their own voice through¬†this unique program and healing modality I call¬†‚ÄúThe Vocal Transformation Method‚ÄĚ.

I am a classically trained singer, musician, spirit lifter, soul emancipator and fear crusher. I am here to help you realize the full and innate potential of your voice.

I have been using this technique for years and years.¬† It is something that came from an accident where¬†I broke my neck, and I had to learn to how to reclaim my full voice as a human and as a professional singer.¬† I had to go in and discover how this body works, and how to come back to my full potential.¬† When I did go in and do the work ‚ÄĒ I got way more range, and way more power.


"I feel more gounded in my nervous system, and more relisant & less reactive"

- Erin

"I can feel muscles deep inside I never knew I had"

- Tom

"My mom and friends told me that my voice is totally unrecognizable"

- Mariya



Reconnect To Your Ultimate Vocal Power

Realigning the body the way it is designed to produce sound
  • Open up the central pillar of sound in your body.
  • Opening the range and the resonance.
  • Reclaiming the full voice.
  • Our voices are the culmination of our consciousness.
  • ¬†Get your voice out of your body.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Cultivate & Embody Your Voice
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