Reclaim Your Authentic Voice and Transform Your Life.

Learn at your own pace The Fundamentals of Vocal Transformation with Maryn Azoff.  In her 16-week online course you will journey through your chakras and nervous system. Using the innate power of your own voice to balance, align and ultimately heal yourself!



Reclaim Your Authentic Voice and Transform Your Life.

Learn at your own pace The Fundamentals of Vocal Transformation with Maryn Azoff.  An invitation to go on a journey through your chakras and nervous systems.  In her 16-week online course you will discover the inate power of your own voice!


16-Week Online Course ‚ÄĒ Study at Your Own Pace

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Learn how to use your voice to create your best life!

This course will not only change your voice, it will change your life.

Trust Your Deepest Instincts

Empower Your Heart

Step Into Your Ultimate Confidence

Hear From Some Students


"Maryn's program for me was definitely a change. I developed new routines I never thought would be a part of my day to day and grew to really enjoy the practice. It was life changing. Not only in the sense of discipline but in my confidence of my voice. Everyday grateful for her and the oppportunity."



"Maryns speech broadened my perspective. She reminded me that voice is not just about singing, it is also related to many things such as healing, being understood, expression, self-expression, self-acceptance, manifestation... And these all are the topics that I've worked on. So, I can say that, 1st week has effects on my awareness, observations also with journal and records. This week I found myself while listening my own voice... and tried to speak louder and more clear."



"A Deep dive into yourself, a lot of self reflection, and stepping into the power of ebracing our true selve. Very powerful stuff and an amazing program made simple by just using our own vibrations resonance and vocal tones. Vocal Transformation helpe heal so many aspects for me. Maryn's work, heart and support are unmatched - definitely recommend!!"


This 16-week Vocal Transformation journey is designed to help you open your heart so you may identify and remove blockages that stand in the way of fully expressing yourself.

This offering is a SELF-PACED online course to learn the fundamentals of Vocal Transformation with Maryn Azoff.

Course Offerings:

This fundamentals course will explore the root to crown chakras, (or energy centers) through a series of simple chanting practices that have been used for centuries as a tool to bring about deep, physical, and emotional well-being. These teachings will take your soul through the full arc of the transformation process.

Along with learning a daily chanting practice this course will guide you to train your mind and body to build an inner calm to help us tether the elephant of the mind and avoid imbalances that come with modern living.

As modern people leading fast-paced lives we have our senses constantly bombarded by telephones, e-mail, the media, and the noise from years of such existence condition the nervous system and mind to be unthethered.

This course was designed to be weaved into your busy lives.  You can immerse yourself into the course at your own pace, and on your own time via an app, on a phone, tablet, or computer for ease of use.

What you will receive:

  • A resource guide to learn at your own pace, and on your own time
  • Many hours or masterclass video lessons w/Maryn
  • Physiology &¬†Anatomy
  • Daily practices
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation practices
  • Deep introspections
  • Journaling prompts
  • Reflection worksheets
  • Interactive exercises
  • Check-in audio messages from Maryn to keep you motivated and dedicated to the work
  • A teacher to guide your¬† daily chanting practice
  • Songs for each chakra to strenthen your singing voice and lighten your spirit
  • Creative opportunites to build your own life scrapbook as a resource
  • Tools to keep you dedicated to your practice

The most effective way to learn is directly from an experienced knowledgeable teacher.  First you hear teachings. Then you follow up with reading, studying, and practicing.  There is a superpower in hearing.  From hearing you can listen and read the instructions and then absorb the teachings into your awareness.

Maryn will guide you through 100 lessons packed with lots of information, she will guide you on this jorney to find your authentic voice. 

After 16-weeks your dedicated work from this course will help you embody a whole new relationship with your voice.  Shattering your underlying belief system you will have the power, confidence, and clarity to have live the life you truly deserve and desire.

This 16-week journey through your psyche from your birth to 14 years old.

Open up your full range, power & potential that your voice has for healing & creating.

This work will teach you to become aware of how your outer world has shaped your inner being. Through the weeks you will be able to observe the healing process taking place before your very eyes!

Pay in Full - Save 15%



  • Own the course for life
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Rewire¬†your mind & body
  • Bring greater clarity to your life
  • Create¬†deep, physical, and emotional well-being in your life
$260 Savings-Invest in YOU!

4-Month Payment Plan


4 Monthly Installments

  • Own the course for life
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Rewire your mind & body
  • Bring greater clarity to your life 
  • Create deep, physical, and emotional well-being in your life
Restore Your Balance

You have everything you need to create the life you dream

Your voice is the key to make it your reality.


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Reset & Rewire Your Neurological System

When you become aware of the conversation going on between your body, your heart, and your mind you can then enlist your own free will to consciously express as you choose.  To access your own authentic voice, you must first uncover the experiences and influences which blocked it in the first place.

The Vocal Transformation Method is a path to reclaiming the natural sense of presence and confidence inherent in your being. From here you can begin to intentionally create your life using the frequency and power that exists within your very own voice.