The vocal transformation journey is about so much more than just singing. The voice is a tool for healing just like the body is. Everyday people tap into the healing potential of their bodies with somatic therapies, yoga, breath work, and movement.

The same is true for the voice. Just as the only prerequisite for yoga is an able body, the only prerequisite for vocal transformation is an able voice. These exercises aren’t only designed to improve your singing voice, it will also improve the tone, pitch, and volume of your speaking voice. In addition to helping you access deeper layers of your authenticity and self trust.

Maryn has taught this model to her students for a decade at retreats and workshops all around the world. This model has supported thousands of her students transform their lives.



A vocal transformation coach who has been on a mission to help people connect with their inner power and truth through their voices the last decade.

Maryn runs vocal transformation retreats and workshops all over the world teaching this exact framework that has supported thousands of her students transform their lives.

In her work, she creates a safe, judgement-free space where people can discover the healing power of their own voices and tap into their full potential.

Maryn approaches her work with an open heart and a deep understanding of the transformative power of the human voice. Her mission is to help people reclaim their inner power and use their voice to make a positive impact on the world.

Join Maryn on this journey and start unlocking the full potential of your voice today.


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"Can't thank the universe enough for connecting me with Maryn Azoff. I am a big believer that you meet your teacher when you are ready. This past weekend with Maryn was magical. My mom and friends told me that my voice is totally unrecognizable and it's only been a few days!

Yesterday, after doing the heart chakra mantra, I felt this wonderful unconditional love feeling inside.  I looked at my coworker, who used to frustrate and drive me crazy, with a new kinder set of eyes, realizing we are all part of One.

I will continue on using the tools Maryn provided us with and can't wait to see the magic it will unleash! Maryn's transformation course is not just voice transformation, it's LIFE transformation!"


Mariya G.

Where do I even begin! I'm not a singer, and I didn't go to learn how to sing. I went to reclaim my voice that had been hidden as a result of many lifetimes of persecution around speaking my truth. I am here now in this lifetime to speak my truth and after DECADES of healing trauma, wounded child, working with four different shamans over many, many years, my voice was still "buried". A faint powerless whisper.

And then I met Maryn and everything changed. Her Shamanic Vocal Transformation retreat far exceeded my expectations. And to be honest, I wasn't sure what would happen but I knew I had to be there. The reasons for my being there turned out to be completely different from what ultimately happened for me there.

The same will happen for you if you simply say yes and show up for yourself. These AMAZING PEOPLE have your back. They are the most incredibly loving people you could entrust your soul to.

I'll forever be grateful for this awesome life-changing week.

Connie N.